What do weddings, losing weight, having a child, and buying a home all have in common? Time and preparation. Why should planning your career be any different? Here at Mortgage Talent Network, we have discovered that preparing for one’s career has a direct impact on one’s trajectory in life. Besides, statistics show that the second most time consuming activity in a person’s life is their everyday work. So, let’s make those hours count, and get you excited about what you can achieve!

We will:

  • Reconnect you to what matters most in life and give you inspiration and support to help you reach new heights in your career.

  • Uncover your true potential through an assessment of strengths, values, skills, and interests.

  • Help you learn critical skills, and define your value proposition, by holding you accountable and keeping you on track.

  • Highlight your strengths and showcase your talents to equip you with the tools and confidence to present yourself in a more impactful manner.

With our unique approach to goal setting exercises, resume and online presence building, networking strategies and interview preparation, we are confident that our services will leave you beyond prepared for your next step.

After all, how you feel about yourself and your career will determine how you live your life. Our coaching is not just to increase your chances to land a better job or to build your confidence, but to inspire you to feel better about yourself and achieve things you never thought were possible. We take a strong interest in learning, adapting, and growing your life’s story.

Career Coaching & Resume Packages

(30- 60 Minute Sessions)- Call For Pricing

Initial Phone Consultation (30 minutes)- FREE

  • Resume & Cover Letter Only – Call For Pricing
  • Resume, Cover Letter, & LinkedIn – Call For Pricing

Initial Consultation (30 minutes)- FREE

  • Meet/greet- Get to know each other
  • Provide company overview of MTN, services provided and fees and outline next steps

1st Call: (60 minutes)

  • Career Assessment- Understanding personal career story (Personal Branding)
  • Defining short and long term goals
  • Assessment of values, interests and skills
  • Customize a personalized, measurable game plan to achieve your goals
  • Receive and review Resume and Cover Letter

2nd Call: (60 minutes)

  • Review completed Resume 
  • Review completed Cover Letter 
  • LinkedIn review

3rd Call: (60 minutes)

  • Interview Coaching and preparation
  • Mock Interviewing
  • Salary Negotiations and Decision Making

To learn more, please contact us at:

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